101 Replies to ““You look comfy, I’ll join you.””

  1. Corgis are the best!

    EDIT: relevant Corgi story:

    My neighbors across the street had 2 corgis growing up. They would play outside with them and their 2 girls on cool nights. Such little fuzz balls, they would chase the laser pointer like cats.

    The dogs, not the girls……

  2. That’s exactly how my cat sleeps. Except he won’t give up trying to lick my face that fast. I have to angle my hand in front of my face for about 10 minutes so that he licks my hand instead of my face.

  3. What’s with the face thing? My cousin’s dog does this and I can’t stand it. It’s like he’s trying to crawl into the inside of my mouth. Is it dominant or submissive behavior? I love dogs, but this is one thing I don’t like.

  4. How are people not carring about there dogs asses on their pillows? I can’t even understand when people let their dogs licking their face, but this is too much.

  5. It looks all cute until you experience how much pressure those lil stumps can put on sensitive areas. I have two corgis and the super uncomfortable I’m-going-to-make-myself-at-home-on-whatever-part-of-your-body-is-horizontal looks real cute, but hurts. Worth it, but owie.

  6. My dog does this, but she’s a Chihuahua so it’s not quite as big. She treats my fiancee and I like seats and climbs all over us… She has no boundaries and we love her.

  7. Serious question. Love dogs, but unfortunately don’t own one, doesn’t this leave tiny pieces of excess dog feases on the man’s pillow? Or anyone that let’s their dog sit on their bed for that matter.

  8. My “Faurgie” (a Pomeranian Terrier Mix Rescued Mutt, who I affectionately call my “Swap Meet Corgi”) does this to me all the time. He’ll also lick my pillow immediately after I wake up, as if he’s detailing that MFer and then he’ll look at me like he’s proud to have done that, like *”Look dad, your head’s sofa is now ready for the next sleep moment!”*

  9. I have a jack russell terrier. And he’s very cute but pretty independent with alot of personality. I love him to death, but I always get jealous when I watch videos like this because my dog never cuddles «with me» like this, mostly short displays of affection, like he’ll always wait for me, or lick my finger if I have a wound, but nothing like this. He lives a normal happy dog life, but he’s not so good on displays of affection compared to the amount of love he recieves from me. I know he loves me. But more like a master than a best friend. Sadly

  10. My corgi begs to lay on the hammock with me outside. I always come out of it covered in his fur.

    I can’t imagine him on my bed. They may be small dogs but they shed just like any other dog.

  11. I need more Corgis in my life. I have seen two different ones in my neighborhood within the last two weeks and get to see the biggest smiles that brighten my day.

  12. My cat does this every single night for the past 7 years. It was cute at first but now it’s annoying as fuck. She’s my baby girl though and every night I still return the love like if it’s the first time she’s doing it.

  13. I have two miniature Dachshunds that do something similar. While I’m on the couch recliner relaxing either one or the other will eventually come over wanting some attention and start trying to lick my face. Then they press their throat into my mouth in what feels like the most adorable attempt to strangle me ever… all while their tails are wagging at near light speed. I blow raspberries on them. 🙂

  14. Hey this is what my dog does in the morning when she goes into cuddle mode! I love it. Sometimes she’ll wake up, lay across my neck, and then fall back asleep while I’m rubbing her back and neck. On my days off we can cuddle like this for hours. When she climbs on my husband, she tries to step on his balls first.

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