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  1. Cleaned with bleach?

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    from u/drewbie440

    There is- whomever posted this didn’t bother to do any research whatsoever. This is a protein matrix of a heart (commonly called a scaffold). It is what remains after cells are washed away and the protein “skeleton” they extruded is kept intact. Apparently a proprietary set of chemicals bursts cell walls but leaves the matrix intact. There is a lot of research into using these as precursors to working transplant organs, as they can be seeded with stem cells from a donor. The scaffold does not have DNA from the donor so in theory, the body would not reject an organ re-seeded (forgive the arm-chair scientist terms) because its seeded with the hosts own cells. I’ll post a couple videos momentarily about this absolutely amazing phenomenon.

    Some NGT on Nova for you

  2. Maybe do a little bit of research before posting things. This heart has been decelluarized so it’s basically just a heart shaped shell. Heart is muscle, like meat, you can’t clean a steak and turn it white so you can’t do that to a heart either.

  3. The best definitive treatment option for heart failure currently is transplantation. But transplantation is limited by donor availability and immuno rejection. Generating an autologous artificial heart can overcome this limitations. For that reason some scientists decellularize a human heart, which is shown here

  4. I’ll be honest I only saw half of the picture before I clicked it since I’m on mobile and thought it was some really chunky mac and cheese. The cleaned heart does look pretty cool though!

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