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  1. A girl in a wheelchair was crowd surfed at Download festival in the UK. She loved it, but her wheel chair got broken. The festival organiser bought her a new one, top of the range with off road wheels for the next festival!

  2. The image of guy I’m wheelchair crowd surfing is super heart warming the first time, but after going to a shit ton of concerts you learn that it’s really not that uncommon.

  3. Here’s this guy, a very positive person from Minsk, Belarus: https://youtu.be/bUmF246r8Sk
    He says he loves music shows, but has no money to attend them regularly: it’s diffucult to find any job in Belarus for a man in wheelchair, he has only disability pension, around $110 per month (just $10 more than poverty line; median salary in Belarus is around $325). After that video and other news about him the punk-rock band “Daj Darohu” (that played when the photo was taken) gave him lifetime ticket to their shows.

  4. I saw this happen during Suicidal Tendencies in the early 00’s. The guy made his way on stage and Mike Muir takes the guy’s prosthetic leg off and pretends it’s his own leg and hops around the stage on it. Needless to say, it was awesome.

  5. What you don’t see if him falling out of the chair 20ft farther forward.

    But then continuing to surf up to the front with his chair following. (Happens 90% of the time chairs go up)

  6. Fuck these people. You ever been in a crowd with a wheelchair hitting you in the head? Probably not if you think this is cool. For real, fuck crowd surfing. I will drop you if you land on me

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