27 Replies to “Unmanned flight today on Republic Airline!”

  1. Kind of gratuitous to pack the cockpit with the stewardesses, since they’re almost always women. Just the two pilots would have been fine.

    And it’s worth pointing out that the main reason that commercial airline pilots are male are that airlines have a very strong preference for hiring ex-military pilots. Which are mostly men.

    Obviously the airlines would prefer to hire more female pilots since they can pay them ~~ 8% 15% 27% 82% ~~ 110% less.


  2. I thought this was neat because less than 7% of pilots are female, and here we have two on the same flight. I’m no mathematician (hahah women doing math, hilarious) but the chances of that are pretty small and I just thought that was cool. That’s all. And then I read the comments. And now I am sad.

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