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  1. If you want to see high res videos of these and other interesting mantids, check out Precarious 333 on YouTube! This guy also creates the eerie ambient music in his vids. So glad I stumbled on this channel! There’s a video of one eating a mealworm that is as terrifying as it is fascinating.


    Edit: There are also tons of videos on the channel that feature many species of insects/spiders.

  2. Am I the only on terrified of bugs even if they are as beautiful as this creature?


    1) buy real orchid
    2) buy orchid mantis
    3) put orchid mantis in orchid
    4) realize that you’ve don’t something great and bask for a sec
    5) deliver orchid to someone and wait

  3. With as beautiful as this mantis is, does that mean it has a deadly capability? Just a nature rule I’ve had was, if it looks bright and colorful, it’s probably poisonous or dangerous.

  4. The cool thing is that orchids are flowers that already resemble insects in order to attract pollinators.

    So what we’re looking at is an insect imitating a flower imitating an insect.

    The target prey are actually attracted to the small dot on the mantis’ body, which resembles a smaller, vulnerable insect sitting on the “flower”.

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