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  1. [Here](https://www.sfgate.com/local/article/What-they-found-in-the-ashes-remnants-of-home-12279829.php#photo-14354133) states:

    > The remaining page of a Calvin and Hobbes book found at the former site of Nuccio Ferlito’s home in Santa Rosa.

    >Photo: Daniele Ferlito

    Daniele Ferlito’s Facebook page states:

    > October 15, 2017 ·

    > My photo has been getting some flack online from people questioning its authenticity. In response:

    > For those of you who think this is a photoshop (and I’m not starting an argument, only stating facts): I am the author of this photo. I took it yesterday morning, in the ashes of my father’s house in Santa Rosa. We were going through to see if anything was salvageable, but I never thought any pages from his books would have survived. For the record:

    > -This IS from a C&H collection, but I don’t remember which one.

    > -The only staging I did was prop up the charred book so the burnt neighborhood would show in the background. I simply stood the book up, didn’t even move it. My original picture (which I still have) was a black and white panel, and you could still peel off the top page and find more surviving pages underneath. So I flipped to the first color frame (for contrast) I found and snapped the shot on my iPhone.

    > -I didn’t notice the line until I looked at the picture. So for those of you that think this is a sappy construct, I saw it more as fate, as it was the first page I flipped to, coincidentally.

    > – My friend Allen Young who originally posted this on twitter (@allenmyoung ) misheard me and labelled it as “the last remaining page”. This was not correct, as this was somewhere past the front of the book, but there were tons of equally preserved pages behind it.

    > – I will return to my dad’s house today and ziplock bag the whole book. I would later like to save the legible pages for displaced people to be able to frame. I will give these away for free at a later date.

    > -I will document this process in photos.

    > -Lastly, I have no idea how to use photoshop nor would I to alter a picture like this. This is still a raw, emotional time for many people and I thought I would share a picture that meant a lot to me and I knew would mean a lot to other Sonoma County people.

    > – Bill Watterson is not from here, but many of us in my age group (1983) grew up with C&H and have fond memories of it. I personally think he would appreciate this.

    > If anyone has any questions feel free to message me. All I ask is that you be respectful, and you will get respect back from me.

    Then on October 23 they posted [this image](https://i.imgur.com/azGuGay.jpg) with the following caption:

    > Comic book salvage project step one…

  2. This is eerily similar to something my family experienced. My wife, daughter and I as well as my brother and sister in law were evacuated from our homes during the Tubbs fires (we live near Coffey Park). Upon our return home there were ashes everywhere. My bro-in-law and I returned to his home first (he was closer to the fires by about 1/4 mile), and when we did there were still hot ashes on the roof, grass, and sidewalk. We walked up his steps to his front door and there was one single solitary piece of ash on the landing right in front of us. He picked it up, and it looked to be a numbered page from a book with literally everything charred besides the words,
    “Be prepared”. God damn I still get goose bumps just thinking about that.

  3. I’m 47 now. I haven’t read a Calvin and Hobbes since Bill quit drawing them. But I can’t describe to you in words what those characters mean to me. It’s a deep profound affection that has never waned, even after all these years. If there’s a heaven, I hope Calvin and Hobbes are there.

  4. Noooooo!

    I found Calvin and Hobbes online while growing up in Omsk, Russia. I did not always understand with the little guy and his tiger were saying but when I did I laughed. And sometimes I wondered. He was very philosophical. His father messed with him the way my father did with me when I was younger.

    Oh Calvin. You do not deserve the fire.

  5. When everything’s been tossed aside

    And life’s a fleeting ride;

    I’ll stand by you and stop the time,

    In our old age we’re prime.

    Memories can not be bought

    Nor ever be they sold.

    And if for love you’ve ever sought

    Just know, to me, you’re gold.

    Do not let tears draw down your face

    From fires now grown cold,

    I’m here for you within this race

    And love can’t be annulled.

  6. Story time! I was 18 in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck. After the hurricane my youth group went down to New Orleans to help in the recovery efforts. The first house we worked on (We basically gutted the house down to it’s studs) was this sweet old lady with what appeared to be a once lovely house. Anyways, the whole house was entirely destroyed because she lived right near a levee that broke and there must have been well over 4 feet of water in her house at it’s highest point. So her house was entirely one floor except for a small loft, that you needed a ladder to get to. Everything was destroyed totally, such devestation… Except…except for that loft. Up in that loft was pure magic, all these lovely books including a large swath of children’s books and comics, including Calvin and Hobbes. That was the first book I saw when I went up there and it was such an odd juxtaposition, look down and everything was dank/dirty and destroyed but in that loft it was pure quiet magic. Now whenever I think of destruction and rebirth I think of Calvin and Hobbes.

  7. The comic is that they come across a pile of garbage while walking in the woods and Calvin complains about how humanity is ruining the world that they have. Hobbes says that it’s times like these that he is glad to not be human, and so Calvin takes off his clothes and says that last line.

  8. I work down the street on coffee lane and I found some pages of things as well. I don’t k ow how to post a picture as a comment, but I found a page of Harry Potter perfectly burned on the edges. It was doooope

  9. I don’t care that people are skeptical about whether this is rated or not, I’m really sorry that you lost your home in a wildfire and I hope you can recover from this loss.

  10. That doesn’t look like the “last” page. But per the quote, the “remaining” page.

    Plus, I believe the last line from the last strip in a C&H book was one of them saying, “Let’s go exploring.”

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