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  1. Did Google just give up on fiber or what?

    It’s 2018 and no word of them coming to my area

    We’ll get a man on Mars before Google gets fiber across the country

  2. Wow I’m a bit jealous. I live 3/8 of a mile from the end of charters high speed lines and they refuse to do anything for me. I have offered to pay for the line and I don’t get calls back or anything. I have settled for my unlimited Verizon data and given up on online gaming.

  3. There’s a company called ting which is the fiber I have. I’ve seen as high as 850-900 download and upload speed when connected through Ethernet. Also my ping in games sits at about 5 all the time.

  4. We had Google Nashville while living in Nashville and it was total dog shit. I never thought I’d ever switch back to Comcast, but I did. Now I have Fiber from a different provider in Phoenix and it is much better. Google really botched they Nashville installs.

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