4 Replies to “Sunset in Lisbon, Portugal is straight out of an ‘end of the world’ movie.”

  1. Credit to the photographer, Imgur user sherwanHydrogen. [Here](https://imgur.com/gallery/jFlxP) they submitted an album of this trip that includes OP’s picture.

    It looks like Instagram user sherwanhydrogen is the same person (the name and fact that several of the images [they’ve submitted to Imgur](https://imgur.com/user/sherwanHydrogen/submitted) match their Instagram submissions).

    Given [some of their other submissions](https://imgur.com/a/Qi8zo), this image may be enhanced.

  2. Most of Lisbon looks like the end of the world already happened there. For a slum in a third world country it’s decent.

    For a capital in Europe it’s… surprisingly disgusting.

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