55 Replies to “Steve Irwin’s kids Bindi and Robert”

  1. I remember when Bindi was about 11 and getting really popular. I really hoped she wouldn’t lose her way like so many child stars.

    Nope, looks like Mom did an awesome job and raised some great kids.

  2. I went Australia zoo 2 years ago and it was a little fucked up. They have this arena in the centre where they do croc shows. The mum sits in the ‘royal box’ in the centre, and it’s like that thumbs down scene from Gladiator. When I walked in, Bindi was lip syncing and dancing on stage to a backing tape. It was some terrible song and there were scantily clad dancers around her, as well people in animal costumes. When Bob came in, he put on this over the top hyper enthusiastic personality, it was like he was brainwashed. I left that place with a really odd feeling about that family.

  3. I wish nature shows would make a comeback, I learned a lot and had such a good time watching shows like that of Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin as a kid. Maybe there are other similar things out there and I’m not aware, I hope other kids have the chance to learn about nature in a fun way though.

  4. Fun fact: there’s a feral colony of Ringtail Lemurs on a barrier island in Georgia:

    Put there by the Duke Lemur center. They’re adaptable generalists, so they just eat leaves, etc.

  5. I was so happy to see her on dancing with the stars so the young ladies (my 13 year old included) could see that a girl who is healthy and athletic is not a twig but not fat.

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