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  1. [Here](https://i.imgur.com/4qlAfw9.jpg) is a higher quality version of this image. The source appears to be __gonda__ on Instagram (aka Tanabe Hiro).

    Edit: The source is __ gonda __ on Instagram, (but remove the spaces).

    I knew ** before and after a word would make it bold, but never knew __ before and after it would too. TIL.

  2. Cherry blossom symbolism in Japan (Sakura) represents the short, but beautiful life we can have on earth. The blooms are pretty, but fade quickly. It reminds me to make the best of today, because life could end at any moment. Great picture!

  3. Castle Osaka has a similar cherry blossom riverwalk. (well, more of a moat walk)

    Used to be one of my favorite places when I was living in Osaka.

    Edit: Here are some good places to see sakura at night (not my photos, unabashedly taken off searches)

    [Takatohjoushi Park in Nagano, Japan](https://i.imgur.com/NDyhEyj.jpg)

    [Sakura road in Niigata, Japan](https://i.imgur.com/KAnIwCr.jpg)

    [Castle Osaka park in Osaka, Japan](https://i.imgur.com/FnXgOes.jpg)

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