50 Replies to “Our rescue looking at me while we drove her to her new home!”

  1. She’s a dead ringer for my girl when we adopted her. Down to that face. She kept giving my husband that face and even purred for him while I drove. (Her brother, on the other hand, puked. But he’s always been a carsick boy. So… we took him home, cleaned him up, THEN he gave us that look). That’s the look of a kitty who has found her human!

  2. I know this is adding human characteristics to animals, but does anyone else feel like you’re closer to your rescued animals? Or that there’s an understanding that they were rescued? I rescued my cat on a 5 degree December night, half frozen and starving. He was abandoned and living on the street and we’re much closer than any of my previous cats that I got from litters. Maybe I just lucked out and found a cat with a good lovable personality, but sometimes I feel like he knows he was saved from certain death.

  3. Looks like my baby I had for 13 years. Quick story.. a few years ago I woke up right before one of the biggest tests of my life for nursing school. It’s early in the morning like 5-6am. I hear my cat meowing outside but it’s not a normal meow, it’s more of a distress meow. He’s on the couch with his bottom half hanging off. I walk up to him and lift him from his rear to find out it’s cold and limp. I start freaking out and realize he had a stroke and lost the ability to use his legs. I try to make him walk to no avail. I start crying and my parents wake up. Then I start thinking about what do I do? Miss this final and delay my career/life or bring my cat to the vet. My dad volunteers and says he’ll go. I make my way to school sobbing the entire time and put my self together right before I leave my car. I take the test and end up going back to my car to cry some more. As I’m waiting for my dad to call me back my professor processes my test first and texts me I passed my test, then right after my dad texts saying my cat passed away. I loved that cat so much I’m tearing typing this out. Love your pets guys. ❤️

  4. You have no idea what a gem you have found. Tuxedo kitties are the best cats ever. So sweet, loving & their fur is fabulous. I hope you & kitty have a great many happy, loving years together. She’s a absolute doll!!

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