76 Replies to “Nice Try Human”

  1. I see the game we’re playing. I’ll just wait til you’re carrying something heavy or going down the stairs and I’ll strategically place myself at your feet.

  2. İt looks like he was shocked of his own achievement there. He was like “ did I fucking saw a clear tape while running in full speed and dodged it smooth as a badass Ninja? ( He looks back) Damnnnnn I did!

  3. *I’m coming, human!*

    *jeepers! Someone carelessly left some tape in this doorway! That coulda been quite a spill!*

    *Wait… Why are you filming? Did you put that…*

    We don’t see what happens next, but the human is undoubtedly dead.

  4. Being on the front page and only reading the title, I thought this was on /r/totallynotrobots and was wondering what I was gonna see from the initial frame. Luckily it loaded pretty sharpish after that, but even before that I opened the thread and saw what sub it actually was in

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