48 Replies to “Neighbor’s dog wants to be friends but doesn’t know how to introduce himself.”

  1. Just judging by the color of the face it looks like an older doggo. It’s probably reminiscing about when it used to run around and chase tennisballs like the younger one. Definitely still a good boi

  2. My neighbor’s dog has been watching my dogs play like this for years. It wasn’t until I had my young nephews over that the little guy finally found the courage to come closer (neighbor says this dog is very shy but loves children more than anything).

    Now they all spend an hour or so every day running along the fence line together.

  3. Omg this is my son in real life he watches kids play but doesn’t know how to join in because a yr ago when he did the kids stopped playing. Now he just watches, it’s heart breaking.

  4. Reminds me of my old dog who passed 2yrs ago, where he didn’t know he was a dog and was constantly indifferent about other dogs playing or barking. He seriously thought he was human and acted like it.

  5. Dog’s internal monologue: *”C’mon Dennis just go over there and introduce yourself you can do this, you’re a good boy, you know that… sigh… why did I even bother taking those etiquette classes…”*

  6. Aww this is so cute. He’s like the old man at the nursing home watching the young kids play ball across the street and reminiscing about his younger years.

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