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  1. My golden is always torn when anyone is ill. He doesn’t want to leave the sickbed, but it means he has to abandon his front door guard dog post. You can just tell that he’s worried that if he’s in the bedroom, that UPS guy is finally going to breach the front door.

  2. My dog was never a cuddler. He had his couch and I had mine. When I got the phone call my Mom had died, he jumped on my couch and laid his head in my lap. Stayed there for hours. They know.

  3. What a good friend! My dogs also show empathy often. When I’m sick, they speed my recovery. I could be lying on the bed half-dead, and they’ll make me smile.

  4. My girlfriend’s entire family caught a sinusitis and passed it around to each other over Christmas. Started with her and her dog, who never sleeps in her room, slept in her room right next to her all night. Then her mom got sick while she was still sick but her dog still slept in her room and every time her mom coughed, she ran over, woke momma up my sniffing and licking momma’s face, and then when momma was awake and no longer coughing, she went back to lay next to my girlfriend. Same thing happened later when her dad got sick.
    They know. What did we do to deserve dogs

  5. Mine is never allowed in our bed, but when I came home in the middle of the day feeling sick, she came in and hopped right on and curled up next to me. Didn’t even hesitate.

  6. I cried after failing an exam. It was the first time I cried in front of my puppy. I sat down devastated, tears rolling down my face. He sat next to me and licked my tears. Then as I sat there, he put his head on my lap.

  7. I’ve had a pretty terrible couple of months. Thursday, I got news that completely broke me. I’ve been crying for three days and my dog’s head has been on my lap the whole time. If I go to the bathroom and shut the door, she cries and scrapes the door until I let her in.

    I’ll tell you what, just holding her while she rests her head on my shoulder is the most comforting thing there is.

  8. I used to have a blue heeler. Me and my ex husband went to visit his parents after his father had back surgery. They loved our girlie, but cautioned us to be careful about letting her jump on him etc. due to his recent surgery. We went into the bedroom where his father lay, and DoggieDawg (her name) very GENTLY crept up on the bed and to everyone’s amazement, stretched her body alongside my father-in-law’s back and lay there with him for hours. She just KNEW. Best damn pupperz. She is gone now, but she lived a wonderful long life.

  9. When my girlfriend broke up with me, my German Shepherd came into my bedroom where I was moping and laying down – he had a jar of peanut butter in his mouth, hoping to assist me with my physical needs. He had never done that before. They know.

  10. My wife is sick this weekend too. My dogs however are assholes and whined all night. I sleep like a rock so I dont hear them, but it kept her up. She finally put them in the kitchen where they promptly decided to explosive diarrhea all over the place.

    She had it cleaned up before i even woke up, so she is awesome.

  11. I got my dog when she was nine years old. A little Min Pin named Misty. One time, after having her for about a year, I got very sick. Like…passing out on the bathroom floor sick in front of the toilet. The entire time, Misty was right next to me curled up. I found out later that her former owner died of cancer and that she would lay next to her whenever she was sick in the bathroom. She was laying next to her when she passed away even. I hope that I can be there to comfort her when she passes away. She is 16 now and I swear, she is going to outlive is all. I just feel like it’s my place in this world to comfort her at her end. Return the the favor.

  12. Our Maltipoo ‘Sparkles’ has never showed any interest in playing with our 9 year old daughter, and it hurts her feelings something terrible. However, whenever our daughter is sick, Sparkles does not leave her side and is very selective of who can come near her. She’s by her side day and night; but the minute she’s better, Sparkles is gone and the silent treatment reinstated 😞

  13. I’m 26 weeks pregnant and Lucy, my yellow Lab never leaves my side. Lucy follows me every where and would range herself tucked along side my body everytime I lay down. Dogs know.

  14. My moms chihuahua stayed either next to me or on my lap the whole three months I was home sick and waiting for a diagnosis. I’ve always loved him but I love him even more now because he was practically the only one there for me. My mother was a huge contributor to my health and recovery too, of course.

  15. I always feel envious of people with dogs like this. If I cough, my dog gives me a look like I did it on purpose to piss him off. If I cough more than twice, he leaves and goes to another room. God forbid if I’m sneezing and coughing…I’m convinced he’d be packing his bags if he had some.

  16. Sorry that your wife is sick.

    My FIL had cancer, sadly died in January.
    Our family dog was by his side most of the day when it was near the end. You could see he was so emotional. The way he walked, lay, and his facial expressions.
    After my FIL died, we had a photo printed, he yelped, and cried, scrapping at the photograph. So upsetting to see.
    Dogs are truly amazing. They feel just like us, they know what’s going on around them.

  17. Had two kids. Both times the dog knew I was in labor before I did. He wasn’t the snuggliest dog, but he would lie his head on my giant belly then jump up and pace around until the next contraction started.

  18. I have a female German Shepard, she wouldn’t be the one to sleep with me or anything. My wife wouldn’t let her on the couch or anything. Needless to say, we don’t cuddle much.

    A couple years back I got severely injured at work while on site. It required some emergancy outpatient surgery on my face. When my boss got me home, I found myself doped up and curled up on the couch. No one could be a comfort at that time cause, well.. pain. My dog layed right next to the couch all night. And would lick my face once every couple hours to check on me. When I put my hand on her she would lay back down and go back to sleep. She stayed there. When I woke up the next morning she took care not to jump on me, but stayed at my side to make sure I was ok. Pretty well the same happened when my wife and I separated for 6 months earlier that year. I love dogs, they know us and they’re family.

  19. They know. Just now my golden hopped up on the couch beside me. When my marriage fell apart and my ex-wife moved out he was right there next to me with his head on my leg. When he realized she was gone for good he was devastated… for about 24 hours. Smart guy.

  20. My son had strep throat and our dog would NOT leave his side. She got quite rude about it too. If someone was next to him she would scratch them and push them with her nose until she was laying next to him.

  21. My father was diagnosed with a Stage 4 lung cancer two days back. Our “Yuki” (Labrador) has been constantly sad thru out. When I reached their home, she instantly started licking my hand…

  22. Can we please stop saying we don’t deserve dogs?

    We fucking made dogs. We domesticated wild wolves thousands of years ago and literally created dogs.

    Stop being melodramatic and saying we don’t deserve them.

  23. They always know.
    I don’t get sick often. Maybe once every other year. When I do; it’s always bad. My husky does not cuddle, but her head is on my lap until I feel better every time.

  24. When I have a bad day and come home and just lay in my bed, my cat will jump on me and insistently wine and kneed me with her paws untill I get her. Pets know when your feeling bad.

  25. I wish I had my dog with me right now. I moved out and couldn’t take him but I finally caught the flu and even though like a lot of others he’s not usually big on cuddling (although you HAVE to keep a hand on him at all times or else he gets very upset) if I was ever sick he would stay right by my side. Just seeing his nervous tail wag while he would nuzzle me to see if I’m okay would make everything better.

  26. Bless him 🙂

    My Jimmy is the same. I’ve been in a lot of pain and he is glued to my side giving me cosies and kisses.

    When I’m at the toilet and sore, I can hear him crying too while I’m out the room and he comforts me when I get back to the living room. Dogs intuition is amazing.

  27. I got a puppy about 3 months ago, she’s been trying my patience since day 1. It’s really that I am so protective of my kids when they are together. She wants to play with them and my son (4) wants to play with her. Inevitably someone ends up hurt.
    I just googled “how do dogs show love” and this doggy loves the crap out of me. She follows me whoever I go. I can take her anywhere without a leash and she stays right by my side.
    Posts like these help me stay positive about all the patience I have to find for myself.

  28. My 15 yr old lab/basset (who lived to be 18) told me I was going into labor. He wouldn’t leave my side all day and sat at my feet panting. That night I went into labor. He was telling me it was coming. A great memory of him.

  29. Yea we made them but allot of the dogs are often mis treated beaten and abused also they are sometimes raped. And sometimes we don’t deserve them being so god dam loyal to us.

  30. My mum always said dogs could tell. I never felt it from our animals (we were all pretty cruisy together), but when my brother and I were kids and sleeping over at Nan’s, her old dog Sandy used to lay between our beds in the kids’ bedroom, and my fingertips would just brush her back so I knew she was there during the night. Special memories.

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