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  1. I actually met Shaun White a few years ago! I was busing tables at a fine dining establishment in Vail and he was in town for a snowboarding competition. I was only up there for the season myself, and don’t really have much interest in snowboarding, so I really can’t remember details except that it was a pretty big deal for the competition to be held in Vail as it was previously held in Vermont every year.

    Anyway, the night’s going as normal, I’m setting up and breaking down tables, getting water for guests, the works. At one point, my aunt who was the assistant manager came up to me while I was polishing silverware and says “I can’t believe everyone’s freaking out about Shaun White being here!”

    Me: “Here as in town?”

    “No, here in the restaurant. Table 11.”

    After thinking about it for a minute, I realized I’d poured him a glass of sparkling water without recognizing him. Not surprising really, like I said I don’t follow snowboarding at all but he was a pretty nice dude. A couple other customers heard he was there and begged him for pictures, he was really nice about obliging them but a few of the friends he was with asked us to keep it on the down-low that he was there so they could all just enjoy their meal.

    He chatted with a few of the staff after his group was done eating, took a few pictures signed a few autographs. Some of my friends at home were not happy with me that I didn’t get an autograph from him lol

  2. I met Sean White once when I was in high school. Captains of the sports teams visited the ESPN headquarters, when we were waiting Sean White showed up in the lobby, who knows what he was there for, but he was super chill and took pictures with all of us! He was super high though so that might of accounted for the chillness. I’m pretty sure he said to us that he was high and apologized for it. Lmao

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