76 Replies to “My friend is here? OMG!”

  1. My dogs do the same thing. There’s a neighborhood cat that was abandoned and he comes and visits us every day, so we feed him. Both of our dogs attack the living crap out of him with love. He’s got to be the nicest cat to tolerate it, but he gets food and shelter when it rains out of it. Also, when we take our dogs on walks around the neighborhood he follows us around and plays in the grass. Every once in awhile he brings us treats of dead rats and squirrels too.

  2. This is like a perfect depiction of why people like cats vs why people like dogs. The cat people I know hate how hyper and ignorant-of-personal-space dogs are. While the dog people hate how apathetic and indifferent cats are.

  3. I dunno, I always feel bad for the cat in this gif. It’s just sitting there, chilling and minding its own business, but in races this thing that just tramples all over its face for a few seconds. Looks like it hurts, too.

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