7 Replies to “Ladies and gentlemen, the Prime Minister of New Zealand!”

  1. This is how fake news works. This is exactly how it works. Congrats OP on being a shithead.

    Especially considering in a reply you posted:

    >*”Before she was even the leader of the party, and* ***done completely satirically***. *She’s actually been pretty decent so far.”*

    So you KNEW this was an expression of angst on her part, she doesn’t believe this and yet you STILL posted it with this headline.

    Fake news works on the premise that most people will not go into the comments and see the real details of a story, or if not there, bother researching it, they will simply look at the pic and the headline and be persuaded by the headline or title and walk away with a completely fabricated and manipulated opinion. Then shortly after they will post a retraction or “clarification” of sorts.

    This is how CNN and Fox news work. They dream up something, usually with little to no evidence, post an unrelated picture, suppose in the title, talk about “people who know” or “sources say” and then when they get debunked, either move on to the next bullshit story or at best, post a small “retraction” blaming their “source”.

    Just stop.

  2. This is a joke but what isn’t is that she is a commie who has never worked a day in her life.

    Is a feminist having a baby under wedlock.

    Was trying for a baby during election but kept it secret.

    And rules after her party got 20% of the population to vote for her.

    First act was to reneg on pre election promises such as not signing globalist tpp.

    The medua however loves her for the same reasons they loved hillary.

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