51 Replies to “Iranian girls take off their compulsory hijabs & join the civil disobedience movement”

  1. These women are so brave, I’m half Iranian and on my Persian side I had family who were killed by the Iranian government for protesting back during the overthrow of the Shaw. This is so important and I really hope for the safety of these women in protest.

  2. So fucking stupid that women are made to wear those rags.

    Someone told me (or i read it, idk how accurate it was) that it was to prevent women from being seen as sexual objects, by hiding their features. But when women are treated like less than dogs over there, its a problem.

  3. These woman are brave. When was the last time we individually put ourselves out there for something bigger then ones self, friends, or family. I volunteer and donate, but I don’t think I’ve ever put myself in jeopardy for a cause that would affect people I didn’t know directly.

  4. If your telling a woman she must dress a certain way your a dick head.

    If your telling a woman she can’t wear something your as much a dick head as the other guy.

    That shouldn’t be controversial, but I guess the world has far too many dick heads.

  5. Fuck hijabs fuck that shit, I’m fucking tired of this shit and can’t believe it exists in our generation, I hope every last person of this old school mind-state dies ASAP

  6. I picture the trumptonian Iran types preaching how disrespectiful this is. And, how they respect the rights of women, but they should find another way to protest. They should respect the sacred hijab! Uniranians!

  7. Now this is what I wish came to mind when I hear about “Feminism”. But sadly I just think of whiny lunatics wearing pink vagina hats, who have no actual issues regarding sexism.

  8. This is brave of them, because of how disgusting the culture is that they live in.

    This action poses a risk of real, physical harm to themselves because of the kind of people in Iran and their beliefs.

    So as you applaud them, remember that there are other women who would be beaten to death for this in the same country. Remember the oppression.

    These ideologies are incompatible with modern life and human rights.

  9. There is no difference between Iranians imposing hijab on women vs women in the US being told to wear a bikini top in public places such as beaches. In many places where men can wander shirtless , women aren’t allowed to.

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