62 Replies to “In harmony ~ Thailand”

  1. Jeez, what type of evolutionary need would cause those horns to grow that large and in that manner? I’m thinking domestication and selective breeding to pull farming equipment or something.

  2. Quick question for the animal science people. What’s the point of having horns that go out side ways instead of pointing forward? It can’t help in a fight much can it (unless these guys fight like giraffes and stand side to side and swing the heads at each other)? Or is this one of those “human forced evolution” changes in the animal (like the existence of pugs) because we wanted to carry thing my hanging them on their horns?

    Or am I just completely off?

  3. That animal is trained through pain compliance & learned helplessness, look at the rope to the nose piercing.

    It doesn’t change what a wonderful shot this is, though. It’s just that this type of pain-training makes me uncomfortable and nobody really noticed, so I thought I’d point it out.

  4. One probably learns real quick where not to stand, if you don’t want to get gored in the stomach when that beast swings it head.

    What a beautiful photo.

  5. That ride has got to hurt after about 5 minutes. How do people ride bareback on things like this? It looks like the spine would slowly split you in half after bouncing on it all day….

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