74 Replies to “I’m on week two of living in my self converted sprinter van. This was my view this morning.”

  1. drives van from Wal Mart parking lot.

    parks on the beach.

    places sponsored product.

    takes picture.

    gains karma.

    work is finished for the day.

    drives back to Wal Mart to shit and have a bird bath in the sink of the public washroom.


  2. After reading these comments I want to say a few things: 1. These are oranges. Not tomatoes. 2. This is not an ad. I just really love Yerba Mate and YES they make it in a can! It’s great :). 3. I shower at the gyms I have memberships to whenever I can which is usually twice every day. If I can’t shower there I have a pressurized solar shower that works great although in the cold it can be shitty. 4. As for me going to the bathroom that’s simply not an issue. There are bathrooms everywhere.

    I hope you all have a rad weekend!

  3. Hey guys, look how I lined up everything on my breakfast table perfectly so it provides a visually pleasing effect because my life is so great and awesome that you have to see it and gratify my ego. Aren’t I so grand…

  4. I need to know what you plan on doing with the two tomatoes next to your cereal. Do you plan on adding them to your cereal? Do you plan on biting into them like an apple? Will you use them to fish for sea cows later? I need to know, thank you.

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