79 Replies to “I started making layered paper art. Stormtrooper No. 1, 16”x20””

  1. Hey there! Recently I have started working with layered paper and wanted to share. Constructive feedback and questions are welcome, I am fairly new to this and input and ideas are great while trying something new. Thanks for taking a look !

  2. Would also be interested in purchasing! I have a nephew OBSESSED with storm stroopers. We play with his action figures all the time and his storm trooper always wins 🙁

  3. Whats your approach in making these layered paper arts? Dow you sketch something and then think about the layers? Do you construct it in the head and already design layer by layer from the start? What steps are necessary for you until you cut a single piece of one layer?

  4. That looks so easy and clean, but I doubt that easy. The stormtrooper design lends itself to this type of art. Can you do an Ironman one, with limited colour set, it could be easy to transport to sections.

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