35 Replies to “I recently adopted a 10 year old cat named Penelope and she’s super adorable! Older kitties are adoptable too!”

  1. Yup, our lil gal and big gal were both brought into the family around their 10 year marks. Lil gal looks like a kitten due to her size, and is the cuddliest of our cats, big gal is a giant Maine coon and loves to drool. But only when we have food she wants or she wants to groom my hair. I have woken up many times to her purring happily with my hair completely slicked down with gross kitty drool. Still love her despite her immense strength when it comes to flinging plates out of peoples hands with food she wants and causing them to shatter, along with previously stated intense drooling. Pretty much a rocket scientist with how intent she seems to be in sending plates to the moon.

  2. 2 black Fridays ago my mo. And sister just came home with a cat, both my parents are allergic but after our cat died the previous year we felt like something was missing, we got an 8 year old cat and she is almost as playful as a kitten when she’s not being lazy and she doesn’t like to meow

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