25 Replies to “I just won a MacBook Air for $1.00”

  1. holy shit, I thought that kind of game was impossible. I figured it was rigged to never let you win big prizes.

    **edit** OK. I get it. The machine *is* rigged. Thank you to the 20 people who informed me.

    **edit 2** Ok seriously, the number of identical responses is getting ridiculous now. Staahhhpppp.

    **edit 3** you know, I’m not sure if I understand. How is it rigged again?

  2. I tried this game once. Once I noticed that the key kept rising up even after I released the button, I realized this was one of those “Win after X amount of attempts” games and never touched it again. I salute you showing up at the right time.

  3. Arcade and bowling alley tech here: this game is rigged. This machine was configured to drop the difficulty after a certain number of attempts. Of course you can always win if you have enough skill, but I’m betting OP got lucky and played on the right round. If anyone’s interested I can try to find some pages from the game manual. Also, IIRC the “prize locker” variant of this is much more fair, and doesn’t have the same payout features.

  4. My cousin and I were determined to get the Bluetooth speaker from the key master on our cruise ship, ended up getting it after putting ~$40 in. Thought we could get more after that but nope, think it was just luck. Those things are not predictable and seem to have a very small window where you have the potential to win.

  5. 10 years or so ago I was at an arcade at the mall and played that game where you stack squares and won a PSP when they were still expensive items.

    You start with a line of like 5 squares going side to side and you hit a button to stop it and then you get another line above the first one with less squares and moving faster. On and on til the top is one square moving really fast. If you stack all the way to the top you win the best prize. After watching other people play i figured it would be easier to try and stack it against the border instead of all the way up the middle. Tried it, got it on the first try.

    The top prize required the dude running the place to open the machine. When I showed him i won, he was flabbergasted. Before he would give me my PSP he was making phone calls and was getting belligerent with someone because the top prize had been won so soon. Either since the last payout or because the machine was new, I dunno.

    There’s no point, thanks.

  6. There was a giveaway at my school a few years ago. If you bought a chicken sandwich at lunch from this company, you would get put in a raffle for a tshirt, mountain bike, and a kindle fire.

    I always ate their chicken sandwiches anyway so I ended up eating two over the course of the competition. Won a kindle fire for the $6 or so dollars the sandwiches cost. Still use it. I maintain they were the best damn chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had.

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