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  1. Seriously I mean no offense, because I like your color palette, but I think it would be more obvious what it was if you could’ve made him stand & thinned out the legs; foil underneath instead of using solid clay throughout will prevent a single level blob.

    (I thought it was a melted xylophone
    :-/ until I read other comments)

  2. Very fun! And night bright colors.

    I do agree that unless this was intended to be a particular character that crawls on its belly, or was a posture/look you intended for another reason (which it certainly could have been), it might have been better to have the body raised up on its legs a bit if you wanted it more like a lobster:

    Can’t tell exactly how large this item is, but if you do want to save on polymer clay when making thicker areas, using various “permanent armatures” inside the clay can do that (and important to use them to avoid cracking while baking if any area will be solid and thicker than 1 1/4″ as well).
    All kinds of things can be used as permanent armatures from tightly-scrunched shapes of aluminum foil, to shapes of (thoroughly dry) paper-based air-dry clay or papier mache, foil-covered “Styrofoam,” wire mesh and wire, dried or sealed wood, whole blown eggshells, and many more.

    And the stronger lines of polymer clay can also be used (often with temporary armatures) to make “shells” of clay in just about any shape, etc, instead.

    If you’re interested in those things, there are a number of pages at my polymer clay site you could check out for info (see below).
    And btw both permanent and temporary armatures or forms, etc, are used not only inside or under polymer clay sculpts but also all the other things that polymer clay can do (e.g., vessels, jewelry, and “covering” more things than one can usually imagine)

    You might also be interested in all the cool “bugs” etc that clayers have made, sometimes with mixed media–sometimes simple and cartoony, sometimes realistic, etc, etc (limited only by imagination):

    You seem to like color too, so be aware that zillions of new colors can be created by mixing together two or more colors of solid clay or by mixing in certain polymer clay-safe colorants, as well as created by adding more particulate “inclusions” for all kinds of interesting colors and fauxs, etc.
    In fact, a whole palette of colors can be mixed from just 3 basic colors plus black and a lot of white.
    If interested in those options, check out at least these pages at my site (tho more on other pages):

    If you have questions about polymer clay in the future or want to show items you’ve made (including this), or anything else, you might want to post in r/polymerclay.

    Re armatures and “covering” things, there’s *loads* of info/tutorials/tips/variations/etc on at least the following pages of the site too.
    If interested click on each from the alphabetical nav bar on the 2 pages linked to above, or easiest to do from the *Table of Contents* page (and/or scroll down that whole page to browse all that’s covered at the site):


    –Covering (including > Slices & Sheets)
    –Beads (> Covering a Core)
    –Frames, Mirrors, & Decorative Tiles
    –Books, Covers (> Notebook, Journal, etc)
    –Christmas & Winter (e.g., > Glass Ball Ornaments)
    –Halloween & Other Holidays

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