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  1. Fucking insane in person, isn’t it?

    PEOPLE READING THIS THREAD: If you get the chance in life, visit Agra and go to the Taj. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to look at it in person, but photos cannot do it justice…or can they? It’s almost like it *is* a photo. It just happens to be as large as the world when you’re there.

    Just go see it — it’s incredible and you’ll *never* be able to fully explain that to your friends. 😛

  2. Beautiful. I’ve got a photo my girlfriend took printed on a canvas and hung up in my living room. Seeing it at sunrise was so good. Crazy how different the area around the Taj is from the rest of Agra.

  3. The view from when you initially walk through the fortress gate and see the Taj Mahal and surrounding gardens open out before you is quite staggering as well. I think this shot is from the mosque to the left of the taj and it’s gorgeous but I highly recommend people go see it from the front as well as closer up.

  4. Been around the world. Seen most of the so called “amazing” landmarks of the world. Hyperbole obviously but you get the drift.

    Hands down the Taj Mahal was one of the most awe inspiring things ever. Better than all the photos.

  5. Lovely shot.

    Is it safe to assume you scoped this shot out previously and then ran to it when the doors were opened? Or just lucky timing? Or layered photos with the people taken out?

  6. Looks great, but you don’t have to travel all the way to India to see something so magnificent. The current US President built a replica of this in the US in 1990, it is even larger and more luxurious than the original.

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