24 Replies to “Down 100 lbs in 6 months today, thought it was time to share!”

  1. I will always upvote these posts. I’ve always been active, wrestled, played football and never been overweight so I can’t understand how good it must feel to lose all that weight, but I do understand how difficult it is to do so from a scientific standpoint, so I will always respect it.

  2. Right on. I do Keto with no exercise and I’m down 54 lbs since August. But I did cheat in Dec for my anniversary and Jan for a birthday and tonight because I just want to eat some damn Chinese food.

  3. 6 months is 26 weeks so 3.8lbs a week, not likely… Let’s say your caloric needs are 2k calories a day, you need 14k a week. To lose 3.8 pounds a week you’d have to cut 13,300 calories a week…. Or otherwise create that deficit. So you can eat 100 calories a day. Good luck.

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