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  1. *Cheesy action movie starring Arnold…..*

    Arnold: “Before I kill you, would you like some tea?”

    Villain: “What kind of tea?”

    Arnold: *rips both of the villain’s arms off*…..”AMPUTEEEE!!!!!! AAARRRGGHHHHLLLLL!!!!!!!”

    *Arnold proceeds to beat the poor bastard to death with his severed arms*

  2. Is there an IR program that detects the floor pattern stopping you from leaving the corner while your arm charges?

    The other funny thought (at least I hope you agree) is if prosthesis were more common, how often they’d be forgotten / lost / “put down for just a second” in places like coffee shops and the mall. Just like how people somehow pull this off with things like glasses and cell phones and house keys.

  3. What’s the story behind your loss of limb and subsequent (extremely cool looking) prosthetic replacement, if you don’t mind sharing with us?

  4. Seems like you should be carrying a power bar everywhere.

    I had a super old laptop in university which couldn’t go more than a minute unplugged without dieing. So I’d bring a power bar so I would always make sure I could have access to an outlet by sharing with others.

  5. Alright. So I am going to try do this without sounding like an idiot.
    But I came across this music video [Viktoria Modesta – Prototype.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA8inmHhx8c) And the scenes where her prosthetic glow that start around 1:50(and I realize this is probably a good percentage of CGI) kinda made me sit back reconsider what I thought about prosthetics in a fashion sense. And by that I mean, have we gotten to a point where the technology is advance enough that we should be considering the aesthetics within the sense of design and culture. From the outside, it seems to be that through out the history we have had a utilitarian approach where function is main the concern. Or that the piece is solely designed from an engineer’s point of view.
    And as someone who works with silicone/concept art and where we have a show called Face/Off that focuses on mainly replicating fantasy or prosthetics in general, do you think that’s where this industry will go. I guess, like, what not 3D scan your right hand, mirror it, print it, make a mold and cast a silicone version over the prosthetic?
    And if/when we hit this mainstream industrial sector, do you think(going back to the music video) that there would be lines available that are inspired by cultural entities, such as Blade Runner or even fantasy driven.. its kinda limitless).
    I feel like this weird but I have been thinking about this for a couple months now and its reddit so I figured I would ask. And I dont mean in a generalized way but how you would feel about it personally. I’m not sure if you shop around or what really goes into that at all. I’m sorry.

  6. Her actual caption to this pic (which she posted) was complaining that booth holders at SXSW wouldn’t unplug their phones and let her charge the hand – so she had to find a spare power point behind a booth somewhere.

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