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  1. Woman… woe-man… whoah, man!

    She was a thief,

    you got to belief,

    she stole my heart and my cat.



    Josie and those hot Pussycats…

    They make me horny,

    Saturday morny

    Girls of cartoo-ins

    Won’t leave me in ruins

    I want to to be Betty’s Barney.

    Hey Jane… get me off this crazy thing… called love.

  2. My grandmother was the voice of Betty Rubble on the flinstones. She also played the mom on Petticoat Junction. She was also on I love Lucy as the old lady neighbor who fell in love with ricky when lucy tried to set her up with the grocer. She was also the Old Hen on Foghorn Leghorn with the blue bonnet. She was also the witch on Bug Bunny whos bobby pins came out when she wooshed off on her broom. The list goes on but i will still spank it to this image. Ty.

  3. Is it just me, or is there some weird photoshop stuff going on with her arms? And maybe her thigh area? Something looks off to me, especially on the skin on her arms and shoulders.

    Also, and this is gonna be an unpopular opinion based on the other comments here, but I kind of hate these barely-more-than-porn “cosplays” that keep getting upvoted left and right. Yeah, it’s a hot girl with big tits in a skimpy, clingy outfit that’s made with no particular skill or care, so what? As an actual woman who does some actual cosplay, and who has a ton of respect for people who take cosplay seriously, it just kind of annoys me. Now when I say to people “I really like cosplay”, they think I’m some kind of pin-up girl or a nerd-version of a playboy bunny. I mean, it’s totally fine to dress up like this, but can we stop calling every half-assed skimpy costume a “cosplay”??

  4. …i’ll never forget my dad ranting his dismay that Rosie O’Donnel was cast as Betty in the Flintstones movie, “Betty’s supposed to be the hot one.” I was just a kid and i remember thinking to myself that the women on the show just looked like sticks.

  5. Question from someone who has never been a part of cosplay, is part of the fun to be in a “sexy” style costume? I see some friends and others post pictures like this. Just wondering if it is all part of the fun.

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