17 Replies to “Being terrified of the ocean my whole life, I decided to face my fears and go scuba diving. It was amazing :)”

  1. In the ocean, people hardly ever get viciously attacked and torn apart by sharks; making them wish they had never ventured into the ocean and spending the last conscious seconds of their life filled with regrets, thinking “It is as bad as I feared and worse”.

  2. My best friend was also terrified of the ocean because of sharks and barracudas, so I convinced her to go diving with me. She loved it for the first 15 minutes, and then she sat on a fire coral to pose for an underwater picture before I could warn her not to do that, and… now, of course, she is afraid of sharks, barracudas, and her ass is afraid of fire corals too.

  3. I remember the first time I went diving. I spent the entire time with the phrase repeating over and over in my head, “This is just like Jacques Cousteau!”

  4. For me I just find it scary that while walking in a lake Iā€™m gonna fall off the drop off point not knowing where it is and then drown… I would like to go scuba diving though or swimming with Sharks

  5. I’m incredibly scared of the ocean and scuba diving, but my wife keeps begging me to get certified and go with her. Where did you go scuba diving? What were your fears before and why didn’t they interfere with the experience?

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