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  1. I swear dogs have an emotion equivalent to hooman embarrassment and I think squinty eyes are sometimes an indicator of it.

    My doggo does squinty eyes when she knows she made a mistake and when I make a fuss about how pretty she is 😄

  2. When I was a kid, we were on a road trip with our dog, and we stayed at a hotel one night where my parents had to plead them to allow the dog. They swear up and down that he’s quiet, well-behaved, and doesn’t shed. And it’s only one night! Hotel bends their rule.

    My dad takes the dog for a walk and comes back carrying him…because from the belly down he is absolutely filthy. Never before or since did I ever see him so muddy. Dad is pissed. “What happened?!”

    “Dumbass took off after some geese and ran right through a slough.”

    Little bastard wasn’t even sorry.

  3. There’s something endearing about retrievers that they love getting messy and filthy. My dog will find the shortest part of the puddle to cross, avoiding getting wet at all cost.

  4. Yeah, my good girl used to this all the time too, that is before I had to make the decision to put her to sleep because of cancer. Sry, just trying to rant off because I’m depressed and pissed right now

  5. Wait. If he put himself in there before the human got home, then he’s a former former good boy because he knew he did bad and needed to be cleaned so he put himself in the shower.

  6. He probably had fun in the mud and then his owner yelled at him. The good boy doesn’t understand why the owner is upset but just assumes that posture so the owner is happy again and they can continue to love each other forever.

    It’s just been bred into dogs after so much time it’s natural for them to do that sort of thing when they understand the owner is mad/angry/gets that cue

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